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    firewire, what kind should i get ?

    im 5'5 and 135 pounds and i like the way my friends firewire rides but its way to big for me. i odnt know tha much about them though and i dont wana spend 700 on a new board without asking around so what do any riders think of their taj models or the flexfire. i want a high perfomance shortboard that can ride new jerseys year round conditions, from clean to crap

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    Northender Guest
    truthfuly there is not a year around highperformance shortboard for the crap waves we get on the east coast. I ride and love my 6'0 futura by firewire, its not considered a short board but it def rides like one. Im 5'10 and 125 pounds and i wish i got the 5'10 board. But i ride my futura in everything its got enugh volume to surf small waves and catch them very early, works great in an average wave and also floats me well enough to surf the biggest stuff we can paddle into on the ec. I recomend the futura I love the thing so much. If you decide to get that board ride it as a twin finner. Then swith the middle fin once the waves get bigger then 7 feet

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    il check it out thank you

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    don't get the taj model, that doesn't work In jersey at all. The flexfire is your better bet. The futura isn't a performance board. Since firewires are so thin and such a performance board, go with the 5'8 instead of the 5'6 to give yourself a little more foam.

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    I am selling a 5'10 firewire flexfire direct drive for about $500. It is in perfect shape. only one small pressure ding on the bottom

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    Northender Guest
    high perfomance is a state of mind look at what robmachado rides with the biscuit and fishcuit. All the kelly boards I wouldnt consider highpeformance but he kills it. Dont let the typical short board ruin your perspective. Open your mind a little. I just got a 5'9 single fin

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    I would check out steve boysen surfboards at great custom boards for not a lot of money.