Surfers or BBers, we have fun, it doesn't matter if your on your stomach or your feet. Do you think the wave thats pushing you gives a damn that your standing or or laying down NO. I personally surf, but hold no grudges against BBers, to each their own. Theres things that BBers do that you wouldn't ever catch me doing. Im not going to risk my board on big shoreys. And im not sure who it is was, but a couple months ago i was out im mid OC for some great swell, and a BBer was tearing it up, getting air, having fun, taking waves nobody else was taking. He finally gets out, and hops to his crutches, because he had one leg didn't stop him from having the time of his life. Theres more important things going on than to be mud-slinging because of peoples personial prefrences. All im saying is that we all have a passion for the ocean, and love riding waves. Why cant we all just get along ,(damn that was cheesy). Peace