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Thread: bodyboarders

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    yo anyone rollerblade thats the hott ****

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    Quote Originally Posted by BonerSurfs View Post
    you lie travis. Why the hell would you be looking at surf on the east coast if you live in Hawaii. Your not fooling me buddy. But anyways lets end this nonsense. All you body boarders know that almost every surfer hates you and we can leave it at that. Sorry I got you guys so pissed off. I dont like spongers. There, end of story. But as for the guy that wanted to have a surf off with me, I'm more than down to bet you lets say 250 bucks that i would spank you in a surf off. And the guy that said he would give me 200 bucks to drop into that shorebreak death pit, have your money ready, cause I'm more than willing. And ricky miller, you need to chill out. And Mr. Hawaii, your a liar. So all of you, have fun surfing, sponging, or whatever the hell it is you do. And all your aggro spongers out there need to chill out, honestly who wants to beat someones ass because of a message I posted on a web site. Stop pumpin juice man. But now im gonna go get wasted.
    i'm looking at this thread because somebody on another forum linked your post because it's such a joke. i had nothing to do so i registered and replied

    funny how the "aggro spongers" need to chill out. go read your first post, "buddy". you said that all spongers should choke and die. and i'm being aggro?

    for the 3rd time, post some shots of yourself surfing

  3. miller, i got your back fo sure

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    Talking typical Haole

    typical Haole . make all tuff , call everyone out , then when everyone wants to kick your butt , you tell everyone to chill out . so whats next , you gonna call your lawyer aunty to sue anyone that threatens you ? put up or shut up . come back to Hawaii again , and lets hear you say the same thing to some locals that are bodyboarding . go back .....i mean stay in the mainland Haole .

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    this is cheezin

    everyone, surfing(standup/sitdown/laydown/whateveryoudo) is about the pure love and joy, Boner is a dumb school girl slut for talking **** to you all, but there's no need to get all pissed, you're just fueling the fire, trust me. have fun

    COINCIDENTLY ENOUGH HOWEVER, I was at this house last night, and some kid tried to turn off Lost... At Sea and put on a No Friends video on. I didn't say ****, because I though the kid was alright and all, he was just trying to chill you know... But this kid got a mouthful outta like ten other dudes. they were genuinely pissed that the kid wanted to turn off mackin indo barrels for a N/F video. And then this cheezed out slore said she thought bbin was kinda lame. I told her, with a grin, that she better not tell that to any sponger. Lost... At Sea ended up coming back on looping through the rest of the night... just thought I'd share the occurance seeing as it came at an appropriate time.


    Usually the people who talk the most trash have the least talent to back themselves up. Granted, Bonersurfs could very well be sick nasty at surfing, but honestly, how many of us care?

    Surfing really isn't a competitive sport. When people are out there on a bombing day, it doesn't matter what you ride. You drop into an overhead set wave, and people are going to be hooting and hollering about how amazing it is.

    Arguing about this kinda BS is just slightly ridiculous.

    That's my take on it, anyhow...

  7. credit to Folzz for the video, by the way.

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    Your on little fu c k er.

    your a joke
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    Ok Then

    Quote Originally Posted by BonerSurfs View Post
    Sorry I got you guys so pissed off. I dont like spongers. There, end of story. Stop pumpin juice man. But now im gonna go get wasted.
    I'm a surfer and did not like to your post, so it's not just boogieboarders that you pissed off. Your a kid, and it shows. But you are halfway right, this is not worth it. So you don't like spongers, I don't like teenage surfers that have no respect for their elders and talk smack, but I don't go around telling them to choke on a bumpy pickle. Respect others. Enjoy the waves, enjoy the ride. And if you're as good as you think you are, hope to see you in the lineup.

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    why hate?

    why hate bodyboarders? why cant everyone just get along