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    Car rental in costa rica! Please help!!!

    We made a reservation through Tri-color car rentals, i have used them before, however now they are asking for a $1250 deposit on top of the insurance and rates. Seems very very fishy, we didnt have to pay it last time. Any other car rental locations recommended?!?! Just sorta seems like a scam or something.

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    Going into San Jose? The Thrifty at the airport is cheap and reputable.

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    Whatever you do, do not use Economy. I just rented a car from them in San Jose. They required a $900 deposit. I got two flats on my way to the Guanacaste and learned the hard way that the tires were as bald as my head, with 56,000 miles on them. One of the tires was destroyed and now they are trying to get $200 out of me. I have rented from National before with no problems and will use them exclusively from now on.

    I did score Huge at Boca Barranca on a big south swell. 8' walls with 300-400 yard rides! If you go there stay with Diego and Katia at the Hotel Boca Barranca. It's not the nicest place,but the food is great and they treat you like family.

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    tell them to pack sand and go to budget. I had a great experience with them in CR. They even drove a replacement key from san jose to the west coast in the middle of the night for $50 when our stuff got stolen. Can't beat it!

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    Car rental - meet you at the airport with no airport fees - their quote is firm

    I used these guys last time I went..
    They were great. No hidden costs or surprises. Also, their vehicles are not brand new so they blend in well. They are well maintained though. Note: they do ask for deposit like tri color but it is not really charged to your card unless there is a problem.

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    that seems way over the top expensive all the way around. fyi. if you have a credit/debit card, check with your bank or the issuer to see if they offer car rental insurance. also can check with your current car insurance to see if they will cover you. my credit card covers me for insurance on rented vehicles so as long as i pay for it with that, the rental place will waive the insurance costs. definitely a tidbit that can save you some serious cash.

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    o yeah. take the sticker off the back.

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    A lot of this info would have done the guy solid back in 2009...

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    I've been pulled over for driving while gringo in CR so many times that I take taxis everywhere I go. Got tired of paying for tickets and bribing cops. Anyone else feel me?

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    I feel ya. Was pulling out of a market while putting seatbelt on and got pulled. 30 dollars american and we were on the road again. They definately look for non locals.