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Thread: Gloves question

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    Gloves question

    I've only recently worn my gloves 2x so far in the offseason. If I wear my gloves over the wetsuit sleeve they end up flushing with water all the time. If I roll up one sleeve of the wetsuit then put on 1 glove, then with my opposite bare hand I'm able to roll the wetsuit sleeve over top of the glove. Problem is I can't do the 2nd glove, because I can't grip the wetsuit and roll it over with the gloved fingers. I've fumbled around for 5 minutes each time but just can't do it. So I've ended up with 1 glove flushing and the other warm and relatively dry.

    Aside from asking someone else to help with my opposite handed glove/sleeve, anyone else have any advice on solving this? Am a doing something wrong here in how I'm putting on my gear or is it that I just having acquired the necessary "hand dexterity" with one glove on to roll down the opposite wetsuit sleeve over the glove?

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    put both gloves on once you get the suit up to you waist then put a plastic wawa bag over you hand and then put your arm in the sleeve . Pull the bag off and do the same for the other side

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    Quote Originally Posted by MATT JOHNSON View Post
    plastic wawa bag...
    Does it have to be a wawa bag?

    I put on my mitts right before I enter the water. I do this by rolling up both sleeves first, putting the glove on my dominant hand first (my right) then roll the sleeve over. Then do the same with the left hand, just gotta finagle the sleeve down on that.. works just fine. Practice man practice get in the water more often.