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Thread: Kooks Wanted

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    Kooks Wanted

    I recently picked up surfing this past summer and am looking for others in a similar position to go catch waves with. Anyone in the NH seacoast area in a similar situation.... lets learn from each others kookiness!! I can have a good sense of humor about how bad I am, but still stoked about catching waves.

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    Good attitude! You'll learn fast as long as your honest and open like that. Just try to avoid aggressive surfers who will try to take advantage or dis you for being a beginner. I was in your booties not much more than a year ago. Just keep having fun and respect others... that's what it's all about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by epic one View Post
    no disrepect but are you gay?
    No disrespect but are you an eleven year old troll?

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    You Can Also Find someone Who is a little bit better then you so they can push you too get better

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    hey i'm looking for other people to go out with too. Any down for far rockaway one of these days? i have no one to go out with :-(

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    You talkin to me baloney?