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    Know Your Limits or This could Be You!!!!!

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    Plus it looks like the poor bastard lost his board. It was laying on the rocks when they hoisted him up.

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    wow, this guy must have felt a little silly - having the helicopters come to get him.

    The footage they had was of pretty small surf... Maybe it was bigger when he was in?

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    This almost happened to a friend of mine's dad, but he was SFFD and was too proud to have his firends in the marine rescue unit pull him off the rocks, so he pulled it together and caught one in. I imagine it's pretty easy to drift if you just zone out because you're tired and the tide carries you, it's a good reminder to remember to maintain you're position in the line up or go in if you're too tired.

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    This is true to an extend but if your careful and think properly you wouldnt be in this situation..

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    woh sounds like he did get a little to cocky.
    I guess its not hard to estimate mother nature wrongly.
    I used to be training 5 days a week, and then I stopped and started smoking.
    The first time I tried doing any exercise it was a disaster. its amazing how you think your body will stay the same as it was when you remember it, but when you put it to the test you find the true state of your health.

    good news is I am not smoking any more and getting back in shape.