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    please recomend a good bodyboard

    hey guys, I will like to get my self a new body board this summer. Anyone like to recommend?
    I am tall, 6foot2, so this board needs to be fairly large.
    If you can send a link to where I can buy it as well, that will be extra cool.

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    Check out

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    Where do you live bondage?

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    there are a lot of factors that you need to consider when buying a new bodyboard...
    • board material - different cores and bottoms are better for different temperatures - some may be too stiff for cold water, while others may be too flexible for warm water
    • stringers - having at least 1 stringer is a good idea - keeps your board from bending or breaking in rough shorebreak - though if you live in a cold water area, 2(or more) stringers may make the board too stiff
    • tail - bat tail or crescent - DK riders tend to prefer crescent for its ability to hold the wave better - prone riders tend to prefer bat tails for more maneuverability - mostly a personal preference
    • size - should reach within 1 inch above or below your bellybutton when standing - also a matter of personal preference
    • thickness and width - if you are heavier guy, you will sink if you try to ride too thin or narrow of a board - the opposite goes for smaller guys - you wont be able to catch waves properly if your board is too buoyant or too wide for your shoulders to reach across
    • price - you might not want to pay $150 - $250 for a high performance board if you are a beginner and you will not need the extra performance for a while (possibly by then it will be time to get a new board) - though more experienced riders may need the $200 high performance board to do maneuvers better or to catch bigger waves

    this site goes into more detail on this:

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    i recomend morey i ride one and they last me forever. but not the ****ty cheap moreys. they suck. if not buy a toobs they are pretty good too

  6. yai..atlanticbodyboards are pretty good on these thing...

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    6 is your best bet, but the best brand is by far NMD, or BZ. NMD's are so Light and Durable, i love them! I have an NMD Base and it's great! They go great with creatures of leisure leashes

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    Quote Originally Posted by LIbodyboarding View Post is your best bet, but the best brand is by far NMD, or BZ. NMD's are so Light and Durable, i love them! I have an NMD Base and it's great! They go great with creatures of leisure leashes
    Whoooaaa.....tap the brakes a bit.

    Atlanticbodyboards is the place to go for BBING needs, but BZ & NMD being by far the best brands is a stretch considering all the top manufacturers out today. Nothing against either NMD, BZ, but unless you have many years of well traveled experience or ridden most of the manufacturers boards recently, that's a mighty bold statement.

    bondage- I see you listed your hgt @ 6'-2" make sure to mention to Bob your weight also. The location, type of wave you ride, etc will make a difference on the type of board to select.

    These are the boards from our No.6 line up suited for the bigger guys (200lbs+ and 6ft +/-)
    These 2 boards are pretty similar except for the tail design. 1st board Brawler is crescent with a bit more control for the steeper waves & the Goliathe with a bat tail to slide/throw around a bit easier.

    Just check out Bob @

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    Ive been rocking BZ since i started getting serious about body boarding, I have an early model BZ Hubbard 42 with rails and the new hubb fundamental 42" with rolled bat tail. My first sponge is still bad ass on the waves, and its been through about 6 hurricane seasons lol. Thats the quality that i have came to expect and love from BZ

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    Remember to buy two boards and make sure you tape the two boards together for extra flotation.