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    Where you been Riding???

    We all know how flat to say the last it has been lately, so just asking where have all you cats been riding some pow???? anyone out west, north? any alps, BC???? just got back from VT for a week after new years at WISP....all powder days.... let us know......

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    Northwest PR.

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    Oct 2009
    North Wildwood ,Nj
    The Grind Rail in front of my house & the N Wildwood Skate Park

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    Ski Roundtop, my home break

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    Northwest PR.
    Hi all. New member to the forum, though I check the reports and rock the app religiously.

    I'll second the quote above...We were in Rincon PR from December 25 - Jan. 5th with solid head high to well overhead (the first week) waves daily. Beautiful 80 degree water, cheap food, who would want to be anywhere else?!!!

    Looks like this weekend could shape up to be fun. Its funny that everyone is complaining about the lack of surf, but the East Coast was blessed with some of the best surf in years, and I've enjoyed every bit of it.

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    Sandy Beach, PR

    Poor quality, but shows how big it was on X-mas!

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    just got back from pr yesterday had some real sick swell tho

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    Quote Originally Posted by PureSurfing View Post

    Poor quality, but shows how big it was on X-mas!
    That guy could've made it

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    Dec 2008
    South Jersey
    just got from PR a few days ago too i should have stayed longer..

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    Jan 2009
    Hilton Head Island - OB, SD
    been to big bear twice so far. got free passes from one of my beer vendors... been busy surfing out here tho. el nino is in full effect out west right now. its gonna be a longg winter of some pretty massive swells out here.

    I want to get up to tahoe once this winter but flying and **** is pretty expensive right now.