May sound strange, but I want to find my old boards and buy them back. However, I don't have any photos. I'm looking for 3 Hotlines-one really old 6'2 w/ small individual flames on rails, one 6'2 (Gurney) with green strip middle of deck, 1 plain white 6'1 (Gurney); 1 Linden-grey bottom&rails, blue fade deck, pink symbol; 1 WRV-black rails, 6 channels, rounded pin; 1 Power Tools-purple flame design from tail to mid deck; 1 Rusty 6'0-blue fade deck with white design; 1 Channel Islands-off the rack 6'0 Machado, white w/ red symbol; 1 Justice (Yinger)-white; 2 SOD's-white. Only the oldest Hotline, Rusty and CI were not customs. The others will have 'Matt' written by the measurements.
I know it seems random, but don't shoot me down.