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Thread: Paddle power

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    Lightbulb Paddle power

    The smallest board i own is a 6.6 fish.Do you guys feel like you have as much paddle power as a longboard if your riding anything under 6 foot no matter how its shaped.Just wondering?

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    At first when I switch up from the longboard to the shortboard I feel like I am paddling and not getting anywhere. After awhile I get use to it then when I go back the the longboard I feel like have a rocket pack on it LOL

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    I feel like i have way more paddling power on my 5'6" retro fish than my 6'0" santa cruz. The thing is is that the fish is super thick and wide with pretty much 0 rocker, and the santa cruz has **** loads of rocker and is a potato chip.

    As far as compared to longboards? I think you jsut have to tough it out and build up some strength.

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    ya i feel like when i go to one of my alaias i feel very slow paddling, then when i go to my 5'9 nugget quad or 6'0 firewire twin finner i paddle faster, then my 6'4 retro twin fin fish i feel paddling super fast, then my long board is ridiculosly fast, then my 5'9 single fin feels like it paddles fast but i can tell that its so much more loose like i can turn faster when im paddling.

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    I just got rid of a 9'1" performance longboard for just this reason. Regardless of the all the volume it had, the banana-shaped rocker made my 7'6" Rusty DI to seem easier to catch waves on. I was looking for something to use in knee-high mush & it didn't make the cut.

    It was a learning experience. Now I know, nothing catches the small ones like an vintage noserider. A lot of volume and super straight rocker. Not as fun as a fish, but here in VB, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.