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    Quote Originally Posted by chillisurfer View Post
    National Lampoons: The Endless Bummer. Not actually a surf film, but it was funny how much it sucked
    I actually thought it was funny. i liked it but its not a surf film at all there is about 2 minutes of surfing which isnt that good

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallysurfr View Post
    I was looking on ebay for a "lot" of surf flics hoping to find someone who was getting rid of some (September sesh, shelter, broke down melody, thicker than water, fly in the champagne, etc.) I bought Shack Therapy for like $5 and I must say it is pretty bad. The ones mentioned above are all really good. Anyone else know of any other good ones that are similiar to one above?
    Shack THerapy is one of my favorites. I got it for $1.99 on iTunes. Look at surf films on itunes there are a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by firewirerider View Post
    I thought it was great!! I misunderstood i guess that's why i was so suprised...
    Yeah, i got confused when you put really as if it was bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by surfde View Post
    The endless summer

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    I really didn't like Fly in the Champagne. Also, movie was great but 5'5"x19 1/4" redux soundtrack was ****ing pure ****.

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    Quote Originally Posted by knight12 View Post
    even though the surfing is off the charts ridiculous modern collective is a ****ing weird ass movie

    your a dumb asian go boogie jenks ya phuckin rice eater

    P.S- yaya gives good blowjobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by richp12 View Post
    your a dumb asian go boogie jenks ya phuckin rice eater

    P.S- yaya gives good blowjobs
    richie again ur to much of a ***** to even catch a wave go **** ur heroin addict ex girlfriend again