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    I miss the 'high' i used to get from the 70s weed. Acapulco Gold FTW!!

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    Years later and NJ has one medical marijuana patient in the whole effing state . . . . C'mon Christie step up and let us get our medicine . . . legally

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    Every proposed location to host a "marijuana store" has been met with protests from the local town's citizens, and the town board vetoes the deal. I think there is one up north currently. One.

    These retards......... They have liquor stores and bars all over the place but they think marijuana dispenseries are going to bring in the rift-raft and crime??

    There was one proposed in Maple Shade, and the residents were outraged. Meanwhile, Maple Shade is two minutes from one of the largest open-air drug areas in the country - Camden, and five minutes from THE Largest open-air drug area in the country - North Philadelphia(specifically the West Kensington/Fairhill neighboorhoods). All of their kids are on dope, but they are worried about medical marijuana NJ has the strictest regulations.

    OMG, NJ might become like California. Yeah, so what? Real horror stories coming from California. But people might rob the weed stores. Yeah so, they rob banks too. Should we outlaw money because banks get robbed.

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    Outstanding. Definately a move in the right direction.
    It's two main uses will be with cancer patients and other drastic situations, and I think pot is much healthier and less damaging or invasive than opiods and other pills that are currently the only thing used in those situations... it is a natural way as opposed to God knows what is in those pills. I think it will benefit the patients greatly and ease thier pain which is really the most important thing.
    The other use is for mental issues such as schizo's and other disorders. Same thing here, it is far less damaging than the psychological drugs available for those in that situation. I personally think this is a very positive thing.

    Does anyone have a list of the 14?
    what are you high right now??? there is no "A" in definitely. lol. I kid, I make that mistake too.