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    this is a great thread. i dont really know how it started, but this will be the thread that is remembered for the day swellinfo became an open forum of debate and a springboard for ideas...

    for our next topic, let's deal with something more philosophical in nature - the existence (or non-existence) of nothingness, and how can we know what nothing is if by definition it is no-thing? is it possible to have an intimation of nothing or do you believe that we can truly know what it is, even though it is such an abstract concept?

    haha okay i'm just playing.

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    Wow I can't believe this is still going. Sorry, I might have been the one that turned it into an environmental topic. But it is also a touchy and very open/opinionated subject.

    In the end, I don't know what most most of you said, but I bet the water is gonna feel extra good when we do get some waves let's keep it at that