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    Solid California Bodyboard Spot near Malibu?

    Hey guys,
    Im heading up to California in a couple weeks. Ill be located not far from malibu. I am eager to get out of the east coast for a few days and try some west coast waves. Ive been researching a bit as to where some solid breaks are around their for bodyboarding. I know malibu point is good but, I wasnt sure whether or not its bodyboarded suited because it seems like a longboard break, (and if the locals will take a dump on me. ) So my real question, is what would be the best spot for bodyboarding around malibu where it shouldnt be packed? and of course on that is pretty consistent, newport is too far, or ill would go there. Thanks guys.

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    Monmouth County.
    Leo Carillo State Park?
    Manhattan Beach?
    I think those are near Malibu.