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Thread: Post your Ride!

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    Dec 2009
    garbage state

    Post your Ride!

    2001 Ford F150 SuperCrew Lariat 5.4L 4x4

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    Central, NJ
    2006 Subaru WRX STi

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    as close to hades as I ever want to be
    99 ford ranger xlt, slightly modified to get me 25-26mpg hwy depending which bed cover I use
    93 mazda MX6 LS my "toy". hoping to bring it back to "like new" condition. can get 32 mpg hwy with a protege 5th gear in it (which I'll be putting in at some point) 28mpg hwy currently

    95 eagle talon esi 34mpg hwy 25-28 city, not much room but I can fit all my boards in it if Im by myself
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    Chevy Van with Quigley 4X4 conversion

    Chevy 4X4 van with a nice rack.

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    2000 Ford Focus dont even have to tell me my ride is sick! I was gonna post a pic but i didnt want to put everyone elses ride to shame.

    -driver side window doesnt work.
    -broken driver side door handle (have to open the driver side door through the passenger side)
    -both back doors dont lock
    -passenger side tire looses air rapidly to the point im filling it up with air every 3 days...

    the back seats still lay down so i can fit my shortboard and fish inside w/o putting a kooky soft rack on the tuna can with wheels.

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    im afraid im giving away my true identity on this one, but if ya haven't id'd me yet then this prolly won't help.

    i bounce around town in a 2003 subaru baja, the perfect blend of a car/truck. got enough space to throw plenty of boards in/haul when i need to. Also have a hard rack. Ample cab space for 4 people, tinted windows, manual transmission, and Pennsylvania plates (so you can judge me when i roll by with boards)

    love my lil half-truck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin21012 View Post
    Chevy 4X4 van with a nice rack.

    Now that is what I need. Holy shiiiiit

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    my ride

    01' chevy suburban, its got 4WD, i can fit 3 longboards inside and then some, roof racks, and rod racks. its the hattymobile

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    wb and you can find me at crystal and sweetwater and all over wb.
    i get a choice of cars as i just drive what ever my parents say. so i can either drive a 2002 ford explorer eddie baurer edition with a v6 a year old transmission and a 8 month old new valve springs and rocker arms. then i can drive a 2004 chevy silverado v8 with the z71 so it has offroad and enough power to towmy boat. then for the water if i need to get to a island i have a 18 foot scout 90hp yamaha engine. it is currently out of the water due to it having an oil leak.

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    1995 BMW 525i when i turn 17 in a few months. got a nice roof rack for it