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    Air Travel

    Now im not trying to beat a dead horse and i know we are all surfers and bbers here but i was just making preliminary plans for my trip and i just cannot understand the ration behind not charging fat people for an extra seat and charging me 200 bucks roundtrip to take a 20lbs boardbag. Coming back from PR i got stuck inbetween a family of fat ass black people who all boarded the plane with McDonalds bags!! I would guess average weight of at least 250-275. I just dont understand the logic behind it!!

    And secondly, what do you guys think it would take to bring enough attention to this issue that someone would even care to adress it, let alone come to a resolution?

    Furthermore, I just came back from Hawaii and really got into it with the airline manager because of what they were charging me, yet when i looked online SKIIS and SNOWBOARDS were free to Hawaii for the few times a year the 1 mountain gets snow!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!

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    some airlines charge extra for a$$holes...

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    Thanks man really appreciate your input.

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    Dude not for nothing but by you posting what you look like a racist.

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    Ok, i was just a bit heated after getting off the phone with some airlines and recalling my trip back here after having to sit amongst a family of obese individuals and smelled like a greasy hamburger when i got off the plane(they happened to be african american yes). Sorry if that is offensive to some of you.
    I just dont see how it is right to have someones back fat flop over into your space yet you get charged for your 20lb bag.
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