I wasn’t trying to call out soul surfers really, so my bad for even including a generalized comment like that. So, Matt, I respect your issues with Nike and child/slave labor aspect of things. I agree with you there. But if we get into that conversation, we may as well throw every corporation in our country into that mix, regardless of industry. I hate Sprint, Wells Fargo, BOA, Verizon, IT companies, collection agencies, pretty much every large company in the country. Because the outsource American phone center jobs and basic things like that over to India, where they pay pennies on the dollar. Its just a “Legal” but equally unfair way to runa business. Proftitting from our people, and using third world countries low wages… That how America was built. Using other people to make money for us… So with that being said, I group damn near everything in the USA into that Nike argument. If you aren’t truly a local business, you are probably involved too.

When Clark foam went out of business, I didn’t hear shapers complaining cause they were buying cheap foam from asia and sh** for two years and still selling boards at the same price. I mean, when money is involved, people will resort to anything..

And yes, Laird wasn’t putting stickers all over his board with AMEX logos, but ask yourself this, other than blatent financial gain for him, What does AMEX have to do with surfing? You think when you call AMEX’s customer service line, it is an America. Hell no. It’s a guy in India again saying his name is “Timothy” or some BS…. So, my point with Laird, is that just because you don’t slap stickers on your board, doesn’t mean you didn’t sell out just the same. Some company gave you a couple hundred grand for them to use your footage and put whatever they want to sell on top of it. Simple and plain. No different to me that putting the stickers on first.

So, again, you can go tit for tat on this company or that, but its all about money.

What pisses me off more than nike, is my local surf shop in OB brining 30 idiots from a surf camp out every hour on the hour and creates dangers in the water for real surfers. That’s a perfect example of the contrary to what you are saying. Almost every shop I know offers classes and rentals to maximize profits. Its every worse than Nike when its you own shop putting kooks out in the water by the three dozen. And im talking every day all summer. A lot of days out here are big in the summer. Head high for a week, and the idiots are still binging people out, getting in my way,inviting anyone who wants to learn to come do it…

So, my point is, from the Nike 6.0, to AMEX, to Malibus in OC MD, to OB Surf shop in SD, to everyone else down the line. They all sell out one way or another. They fill our lineups with unwanted people every season. So EVERYONE in the industry, from Shapers, to Shops, to clothing makers to marketing firms are all to blame.

Probably including every one on this board…. We have all fed into this one way or another… So to say that keeping things local makes it better isn’t always true.