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Thread: Any 5 boards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Recycled Surfer View Post
    10.0 Joel Tudor
    10.0 Takayama Model T
    9.6 Walden Magic Model
    9.8 Harbour San-O
    8.0 Channin
    That list is just as good as LOL

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    -5'10 firewire flexfire
    -5'9 21-13 agent squash
    -5'5 ...lost rocket diamond tail 5 fin plug
    -5'7 al merrick dumpster diver
    -6'0 al merrick m4 rounded tail

    all future fins
    if only i had a few grand to spair...

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    9' Hobie Fusion single fin
    5'7 CI Dumpster Diver
    6'6 Ci MSG step up board
    6'1 Ci Tangent squash tail
    5'4 Ci Biscuit

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    i'm finding this thread very interesting, as i'm used to posting on the surfermag design forum, which is mostly west coasters & a few scattered east coaster (who i'm seeing now have incredibly open minds).
    i feel like all i've really seen on this thread is big name companies; ...lost, ci, jc, firewire, etc...when there are so many incredibly talented local shapers & companies that, w/ the exception of the firewire tech, could make you any of those boards you wanted & prob. make them better for your particular region of the east coast.
    i pretty much get all my boards from brian wynn...he's literally right down the road. i'll have to see about posting some pics of my quiver, but for now:
    i've got a 5'10" diamond tail that is the spitting image of a rocket/dumpster diver/white diamond. i've got a 6'6" pintail that is a modified ci black beauty outline. my single fin egg shares a template w/ the ci msf, but rides better b/c the bottom contours it has fit the board better than the ci's did.
    i'll be honest here...i ride bonzers mostly, w/ a quad & a pair of single fins thrown in. i hate how thrusters surf in the majority of conditions. so the big companies are generally not an option for me.
    my quiver is expansive & even a tad ridiculous. & i won't lie & say i've never had a board from a big name company. i have & i still do. i think if you've got an open mind & are willing to look around at what's out there, instead of focusing on what the mags tell you is cool, you'll find yourself enjoying surfing more. & that's what it's all about, right?

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    Wow if you think they are uncreative I pretty much have what I want with exception of the long board and they are all surftechs
    a rf 6'y6 fish
    a Wayne lynch 7'2 freeform
    6'6 boardworks walden cd
    and a 9'1 herbie Fletcher Tommy Witt
    the only two things I would change would be to add a 6'10 stretch f4
    and a takyama in the pink instead of my Tommy witt
    so there you have it all pop outs all of them

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    Speaking of local shapers - I had a 9.0 Heritage that was a GREAT all around board. Brian Heritage can taylor make anything you want without a long wait.

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    At 30 years old & 200 lbs. and the fact I surf the Bay and VB, I tend to ride boards with a bit more volume, but...
    1. 6'4 PU round pin shortboard- doesn't matter who- I've have had plenty of good ones for big companies and local shapers
    2. 6'0 PU 7S Super Fish- I know they are pop out machine shapes but they work so good
    3. 5'11 Epoxy Mike Hynson Twinzer- A must for east coast surfers- all doubters and haters must try... on second thought don't so I can continue catching all the waves
    4. 6'6 CI Black Beauty- For fun head high+ days
    5. Hmmm...either a 9'0 PU round pin cruizer shape longboard for the super small summer days or a 6'0 foam INT fish with the rubber fins for shore break shredding

    I haven't seen much love for epoxy as far as top five boards. I have local shapes and buy from local shops ..the REAL shops not the frat boy cool guy hang outs (any one from VB will know which ones I mean) but the average PU board lasts me a year before its full of dings but I have an epoxy that is still watertight 3 years later.

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    nj surfer post pics of your wynn board. I'm lining up to get one my self.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lax8810 View Post
    nj surfer post pics of your wynn board. I'm lining up to get one my self.
    ok...but which one do you want pics of?

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    heritage custom shapes boards really cheap... im sure you all know but