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    I is amazing how true everybodys statments are. Everybody here has got the feel of it

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    Thanks for all the advice. I have surfed Buxton and Avon and it were a pure surf trip thats where I would be heading for sure. Since this will be my mom and dad's first time down to OBX I dont want to take them too far south where there is practically nowhere to eat or do other activities. My dad is a HUGE golf guy (not much for sitting on the beach or hanging in the water) so I have to pick a town based on his locality to golf courses which are primarily in Nags Head.

    I think I have decided on Duck since it seems to have the small town shops/bars/restaraunts and you can pretty much bike around after boozing it up. I lived in OCMD for 7 years and I just hope Duck doesnt look like that place does in the summer. We are going down the middle of August so hopefully some kids will be back to school by then. Any thoughts on good places to eat/drink?
    Fantastic for you to guide your parents to the Outer Banks. It will be a memorable time. One of the best memories of my life was taking my parents there for the first time back in '84 (unfortunately, it was the only time as my dad passed away the following winter).

    Enjoy every second, even while lined up in the heat to tee off

    You've gotten some great guidance here. I'll just ad one more item. Be sure to check out Duck Donuts. It's just the like the Fractured Prune in OC. I'm not a big junk food person, but I can't resist a really good donut.

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    the apple uglys at oragne blossom bakery in buxton will beat the pants off of any pastry anywhere!
    they're soooo good, but you need to go up in both width & thickness of your board if you eat more than 1 of them.

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    orange blossom double dips and apple uglies.
    ribs at sand bar.

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    go all the way down, take the ferry and hang out in ocracoke-it's quiet and the locals have their own dialect (for real). on the other hand, aside from the water, there's not tons to do in ocracoke, as far as kids are concerned, so if you might need some mini-golf, etc. the spots discussed above can all deliver.

    also, if kids' ages allow, check out all of the national parks that allow camping. there are 5 or 6 if memory serves, all with showers and bbq pits, and the best spots are right in the dunes with spots for parking right nearby-a nice way to cut a night or two of hotel bills out of the budget.