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    Gotta love the OBX....they have pork roll!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stranded in Smithfield View Post
    GO SOUTH. I have caught good barreling waves by the research pier in Duck a few times over the years but summer time is a crap shoot as far as waves...not any better than VB as far as wave quality and 99% of the time its defiantly better further south. The speed limit heading north from town is a excruciating and strictly enforced 35 mph clogged with the Griswolds on summer vacation. It sucks being stuck in that traffic when your jonesing for surf, trying to get beer, or trying to eat breakfast to help stop your hangover (last 2 probably don't apply to a family vacay). Hatty is where its at (look at the article in this months Surfing). More options as far as waves from Rodanthe to the Southside and beyond.
    Oh man, did you capture the Northern Banks!!! Perfect description!!

    Nothing like watching a knee high wave in Corolla, knowing it's probably waist-to-chest (or bigger) further south, but you're an hour++ away from decent surf because of the traffic!

    It is a nightmare scenario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RobfromFredneck View Post
    Being a surfer, you'll visit once to OBX and then it will become your annual summer vacation spot. Cheaper housing rentals, good seafood restaurants, tranquility, fishing, non-aggro/friendly surfers, options to surf whatever break you want...its just a great vibe. I went there on vacations about 5 times before I even got into surfing and love vacationing there much better than OCMD, VA Beach and Jersey shore (only been to OCNJ though). Did I forget OBX generally has better waves as well?

    Unless you prefer crowds, loud obnoxious people, cement and highrise hotels and the smell of burnt popcorn and french fry grease in the air then OBX won't be for you.
    Agree completely. It's a special place. Last year our vacation fell on the week between Bill and Danny. It was an incredible week of waves. And beyond surfing, my son caught a 36" Red Drum while surf fishing in front of the house.

    Only on the Outer Banks.

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    that week in Buxton was unreal,Sunday Bill,the following Saturday Danny,and a swell in between on Thursday,all good size and awesome beachbreak,plus a bunch of decent smaller days in between.dream surf trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachbreak View Post
    that week in Buxton was unreal,Sunday Bill,the following Saturday Danny,and a swell in between on Thursday,all good size and awesome beachbreak,plus a bunch of decent smaller days in between.dream surf trip
    It truly was a dream week. Yes, Thursday was awesome - so clean, and the water had that unique clear and green tint that really is an Outer Banks trademark.

    I'm figuring it'll be flat on our next three vacations to even things out. And I still couldn't complain.

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    caught some of the best days of my life in duck, but that spot needs a solid swell and you gotta know where it's hittin...

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    rodanthe, waves, salvo area all the way!

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    Thanks for all the advice. I have surfed Buxton and Avon and it were a pure surf trip thats where I would be heading for sure. Since this will be my mom and dad's first time down to OBX I dont want to take them too far south where there is practically nowhere to eat or do other activities. My dad is a HUGE golf guy (not much for sitting on the beach or hanging in the water) so I have to pick a town based on his locality to golf courses which are primarily in Nags Head.

    I think I have decided on Duck since it seems to have the small town shops/bars/restaraunts and you can pretty much bike around after boozing it up. I lived in OCMD for 7 years and I just hope Duck doesnt look like that place does in the summer. We are going down the middle of August so hopefully some kids will be back to school by then. Any thoughts on good places to eat/drink?

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    if dude is a golfer he might want to really consider getting on 95 and staying on it till he sees signs for mrtlye beach , its going to 90 degrees humid as hell (i know its normally hotter in mrtlye beach but they they have benefit of a few hundred golf courses ) your going to have to have an 8am tee time to even have a chance of beating the heat then you and every golfer in obx will be waiting at the tee box for an hour you get done around 1 be so hot and tired you going to to end up on the sofa dude i know from experience my granddad always drags me out of bed for atleast one round when on vk there might be 2 or 3 courses on the entire chain of island, and if he is set on the obx a cooler for beer and fishing rods are going to be his best friend taking that he doesn't surf

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    Duck is a good place for the old folks and family for vacation. Its a little yuppy but its real fun for the kids and your right that you can bike everywhere. I recommend staying away from a soundside house as it will be a hike to the beach. shopping and food wise there is a bunch of stuff in like an outdoor area called Scarborough Faire. definitely go Rundown Cafe one night with the whole fam. The food is awesome and reasonably priced its about a 10 minute drive from duck, right near the split. hit up Wings and Try My Nuts for all your confederate flag and big johnson apparel. Stay away from Tommy's Market and go to Wee Winks across the street for all your food stuff. surf wise your going to be the only one out without a doubt even if its overhead and glassy ( you will probably be more alone.) Duck is a madhouse in the summertime but you guys will still have a good time.