[QUOTE=Swellinfo;53701]The reason the virtual buoy you are looking at shows 3.5 ft @ 15 seconds, is because the virtual buoy and other sites that provide data like this are showing the significant open ocean wave height.

This measurement is the combined wave height of all swells.

ok, that sucks. the vurtual buoy site i use has never ever combined the swell hieghts before. if there is a 1ft 15sec swell and a 3ft 5sec swell, it will only show the swell with the larger swell hieght no matter the period. the windswell will completely mask the groundswell. but i guess they changed their format

i do believe your right though becuase no forecaster is calling for waves. the 5$ a month i spend for buoyweather is looking like a bad investment now