I am selling my Canon 20D, 10-22mm lens & my SPL water housing. This is a great set up for surf photography so please contact me with any questions.

The camera is in great condition and everything works properly, the housing has a few issues..such as the pistol grip button does not work. The side trigger works fine, so the housing still works great. I priced a new pistol grip from SPL and it will cost $300...I do not think the while grip needs to be replaced because it functions fine...the problem is in the remote cable that runs from the camera to the button on the pistol grip. You can probably purchase a new cable or fix the existing one....no big deal for me I used the side trigger to fire off photos just fine.

I took off $400 from the housing since the cable is not working.

Canon 20D $500
Canon 10-22mm $550
SPL Water Housing $1000