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    Lightbulb Photograph looking for Spots & Surfers

    Hey folks,

    I'm JotaB, a french amateur photograph who like to shoot sports whatever they are if related to extreme sports, you can check my websites and

    I went last week end to freeport as the meteo conditions seems pretty fair in the morning and I figured out some surfers will show up, I checked out the Octagon but nobody was there Guess I should have check the forum first lol

    Don't hesitate if you have an event coming or a good session coming up within a two hour drive from Houston where I live. I'll be glad to meet with you and take pictures, oh and if you know good skaters who'd like to go street to shoot some urban trick, let me know !

    See ya !

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    Between Crab Ave. and south west down to the jetty is where you will find surfers in Freeport. The Octagon is long gone along with most of the beach and at least one more row of houses. People really start showing up if the surf is about waist high and clean (wind out of the north). In Galveston you will want to check out the old Flagship hotel at 25th. St. and Seawall Blvd.. Go ahead and strike up a conversation since there is very little localism at either of these places.

    There are at least two skate parks in Houston. One between Memorial and Allen Parkway, and another over in the east side of town. I'm sure you can get some volunteers. I would ask at the door if its o.k. to take photos in the parks.

    If you have any interest in photographing a metal artist at work, I am currently working on an art car titled "Franken Nova." Send me a message on here with contact information and I'll let you know when me and my crew go surfing and other cool photo opportunities.


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    Howdy Captainstoke !

    I already went a shot a couple of times the Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark with the Southwest Indoor Skatepark as well, they are pretty good spots and the Lee & Joe Jamail Skatepark got this crazy scenery with the buildings in the background, amazing.

    Thanks for the surf spots tips and I'll be glad to take picture of you performing on your "Franken Nova"; do you work the metal outdoor or indoor ?

    Here's my mail so that we can exchange details:


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    Surfside is my island!! Don't come around here taking your damn pictures!!! lol I'm just playing brah. I do live on the island right off crab street tho. localism is strong here on the island and, If you drive down Beach Dr look for a group of ppl kicking a hacky sack around throwing frizbi with boards laying all over the place and a beer in everyones hands, thats us. I am the only local from Surfside that is on this forum. Ask around for me Les Freese is my real name. I'm not hard to find. I'll help you with the skating/surfing pics, NP.

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    Dude if you think localism is strong you in surfside you obviously haven't traveled to many well known surf destinations, for the most part surfers at Surfside are laid back and very friendly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavetheWave View Post
    Dude if you think localism is strong you in surfside you obviously haven't traveled to many well known surf destinations, for the most part surfers at Surfside are laid back and very friendly.
    Being friendly and laid back is what makes us a strong localized surfing community. If you want, we could be an asshole to you if thats what you think "strong localism"defines!!
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    Surfside Beach, Texas
    I'm not a surfer, i just try real hard, and rarely succeed, but my little sister is a local surfer, and the surfside bunch (les, surfia, daddio, bubba, p.a.t., brian, water-sports mike, henry) are about the nicest people to party with you'll ever meet, and let me tell you i am a fat old girl who really really sucks at surfing and they always make me feel welcome. yeah, i know my sister is the prettiest girl on the beach, but i don't think that is why they are nice to me. they are all good people, and will be your friend in a heartbeat. and that is spoken by someone who would be a "old kook in the way" at most of these other locales.
    les, nice job on the surf report. xoxo kim

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    We let surfia hang out with us because she has a cool sis