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    Wintertime experience in Long Beach?

    I was wondering whether anyone who surfs at Long Beach in the winter would be willing to drop some info on me. I've been to Gilgo a few times in winter, but I've only been to Long Beach in the summertime, and never with a board (just body surfing).

    I understand the water temps are pretty low, and there are no life guards or beach fees, but I don't know much else of what to expect. I had a couple of specific questions:

    * Is the whole beach open to surfers during the winter, or is surfing restricted to certain times/places like in the summer?

    * How is the parking situation in winter? Are the rules the same as in summer, with open parking on the street parallel to the shore (Broadway, I think)?

    * Are there any special hazards to watch out for?

    Also, I figure there are probably some "unknown unknowns"--if anybody has any advice/comments/warnings, at all, I'd appreciate hearing about them.

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    Water temps are below 40 right now here in Long Beach with the average temperature for this winter so far around 25 degrees. If you've been surfing gilgo in the winter, you should have no problem as far as temperature wise as LB is a little warmer in both the air/water.

    The whole entire beach is open to surfers every season except the summer, the only difficult part is finding the jettis with the good sandbars for that swell/wind direction.

    The parking in the winter is definitely easier then any other season, but can stil be a hassle if the waves are good on the weekend. Shouldn't be like any other time you've been here though.

  3. your better off just going to jersey

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    whoaa buddy. don't send him down here. its crowded enough. apparently everyone surfs in the winter these days.