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    White Diamond - Dumpster Diver

    Anyone surfing these boards? What's the consensus?

    My buddy made the template and i think i might go for it next board.



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    Bump bump....

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    no, haven't ridden one, but i'm pretty sure i want one. There are people pretty stoked on them on the surfer design forum.

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    looks like it can be real fun in the summer..

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    Alive!! Guest
    yea it looks super fun. i love the short-wide stuff thats coming out. has anyone heard about the lost gorkin/rocket out this way? i know the pros are talking them up big time. that's the other one thats caught my eye for this spring

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    Quote Originally Posted by mOtion732 View Post
    looks like it can be real fun in the summer..
    that's what i was thinking. i'm going for it!

    Alive!! - you are from Beach Haven? What year you graduate Southern?


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    another couple of weeks till i get my rocket..yeah boi!