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    Wednesday Blizzard Surf

    Did anybody else get in the water on Wednesday in Long Beach? I got out of work early during the blizzard to find offshore chest+ lines at about 3pm. I was the only guy out as far as I could see around Lincoln. Turned out to be a super solo sesh with snow coming down hard. The tide wasn't the best, but what a great surprise!

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    I Was At Pacific For that One... Some Really Nice Sets Pushing Thru. the Waters been too deep but its always fun gettin it to urself when its good

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    keep the locations to yourself bra!

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    My Bad Dood...i forgot that kooks get ideas when they see something lol

    btw anyone go out yesterday in the snow. it got nice going into low

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    i hit it until dark. shorebreaky where i was but some good ones bumped up every once in a while