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    Nov 2009
    in the grace of the most holy FSM
    very cool, mofo!
    there seem to be a lot of guys quietly doing their thing w/ the mini simmons it their own tweak & seeing what happens, but it has stayed pretty much underground, despite a LOT of favorable feedback from riders.
    one of my biggest board-buying regrets is dragging my feet on a pristine 5'5"x23"x3" mini sim by ryan lovelace of point concept surfboards that i saw in the -erBB classified section. someone else snatched it up...such a bummer!! but i think i'm liking the idea of a quad or twinzer set up a lot more than the traditional twin keel.

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    Nov 2007
    Ahh Mofo that is my board . Absolutely love that shape, just about ready to shape a new one for the spring. You are right you can just throw them around, was on a wave this past summer and had no momentum at all, about waist high saw a little section to do a floater and hopped the board right on top of the lip from the bottom of the wave. Sailed right over the little section picked up some speed and rode an almost invisable wave all the way to the beach. Next one i make will be 4 oz cloth all the way around and no gloss coat just sealer. it's gonna be light!!! I might try it as a quad just to see if I like the keels or quads better, I'm really into keels though.