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    Surfing Literature

    Right now in the Northeast is cold, snowing, and f*^&*^g flat. Other than traveling, reading a good surf book keeps me stoked. I recomend "All for a few perfect waves." and "In search of Captan Zero" all recomendations are apreciated.

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    Caught Inside is a good book I read it a couple of times. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintence is a good read too

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    Dogs of Winter is also a good one.

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    have to give a second thumbs up to caught inside... have read it a few times over as well. great book.

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    Reaaaaaaally enjoyed In Search of Captain Zero, and Caught Inside. Would also recommend West of Jesus (dont be deterred by the name), it's a good read. -

    Currently working on the Dora book, All for a Few Perfect Waves. Haven't gotten all too into it yet.

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    Captain Zero and Caught Inside are good.

    One of my favorite's is Eddie Would Go, a biography of Eddie Aikau but also talks Hawaii's surfing history, really well written.

    Pipe Dreams, the book by Slater, is also pretty good. Interesting to get inside his head a little see how he grew up and the beginnings to his surfing.

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    I know this is irrelevant but the book "Suffer in Silence" is a good book about Navy SEALs going through training in Cali. Its pretty intense. They state the true **** that happens at BUDS and isnt shown on television

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    just picked up "waves and beaches". i heard it was great. i'll let you guys know, gonna start it tonight.

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    i never read until lately over the snow storm i was boered of COD...Pipe Dreams by kelly slater was pretty good and Big Sur by Jack Kerouac is also a good book along with Scar Tissue. Only one is a surf book.