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    Quote Originally Posted by aczaplicki View Post
    I just take a regular yoga class and it helps a lot. Not to mention all of the nice asses in black shorts are a nice thing to look at. It almost puts me in the same mental state as surfing.
    And it teaches mental discipline by making you try to fend off the usual erection that would result from those asses.

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    I had that video but became tired of it quickly. I have Rodney yees advance yoga video and has a great hour long full body stretch. Works all the surf muscles without a doubt. but my favorite is the half hour hip opening sequence, opens up the hips back and legs which are key for loose surfing. Even though it says advance yoga you can pick it up pretty quick, found it a lot more useful and better than surfers yoga even though that's a good vid

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    Quote Originally Posted by ughVeeBee View Post
    I've done the sequences of #1 every morning for two years now. For me it's less about the Yoga and more about basic practical stretching, which is all I'm looking for. I like that it touches on a few of the most classic poses in Yoga and also concludes with a little bit of meditation, but if you're looking for a good stretch routine it's definitely for you. If you're looking for more actual Yoga then yeah, you're gonna want #2 and #3.

    And I agree with SwellInfo about taking classes, mostly because there's just no DVD substitute for a fine yogini down-dogging in yer face.
    Yeah, I really only used it for the strectching. I live in a hippie beach town in california. The street basically has, Surf shop, coffee shop, organic yogurt shop, Yoga Study, MMA studio, another surf shop, another hippe organic veggie shop, a medical weed store, then another yoga studio. Repeat that about 15 times and that is ocean beach. So, I have yoga resources everywhere, and all the windows say "Yoga makes you surf better" etc...

    But honestly, I feel gay enough in my own home doing yoga. The thought of sitting in public and dedicating actual session to it is a bit much for me. At least now. I just need to get my flexibility back. I strain to do rail grabs and sh** now. I go hands free in the air most of the time just cause I dont feel like crouching down that far,.... time for yoga or some serious strecthcing.

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    zach, pm sent

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    If you hit up a University close to you they prob have free yoga for students and if you aren't a student the classes are only like 5 bucks. That's what it is at Salisbury..not to mention college girls in yoga pants.

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    I do yoga at a studio close to my house, mostly "Hot" similar to Bikram - find it really helps flexibility
    Online, just google yoga I'm sure a lot of things will come up- there are online resources for all the different asanas (postures) Some basic routines like Sun Salutations, warrior series, down dog, triangle and lunges (high, low) will help loosen you up
    Yoga journal has a website with with a free video of a routine

    The advantage of taking courses besides the help from the instructor with adjustments and small nuances of poses- is the classes are usually 70 -80 % women


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    Quote Originally Posted by Aguaholic View Post
    i cant download it, and is this the one your saying to buy?..
    if so, which ones would u recomend to buy? and any cheaper ways to get it?

  9. Check out p90x, I just droped 26lbs. I was never flexible until I started the program. What is, is a 90day program, you workout six days a week. It takes major commitment. When I started I weighed 205lbs and now I weigh 179lbs. I was flabby before and now I'm cut. I still have one month left of the program. I'm in the best shape of my life.