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    I personally cant stand seeing every wave in slow motion...its art, cinematography...blah blah...boring. Sipping jetstreams=boring, drifter=boring etc. these movies have 7 waves in them and a bunch of filler. Give me a ...Lost vid any day of the week. I like seeing partying and chicks titties...who doesnt like titties??

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    loose change

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    I also think a big difference between surfing and other sports like skateboarding/snowboarding is that most people (more on the east coast) do not get to surf with professional surfers daily. In skateboarding/snowboarding you can go to NYC or Philly and skate around with a dozen or so pros. So you get a connection with people that are in the videos. The same goes for spots. I don't think I ever surf more than 10 surf spots that have been not filmed on the east coast. Skateboarding/snowboarding it must be over 300 spots. So when you see a pro in a video bang out a frontside flip down a set of stairs that you skated before there is a greater appreciation for that.

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    Shelter is excellent, great quotes, great music, great waves.