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    Need a little travel help please

    Can't afford the islands this year. Gotta take a poor mans trip in search of warmer water. Never surfed in Florida before, so we are gonna take a little road trip. Need any info anyone would like to share. How far south due we need to go to get some consistency? Any good places to camp? Is A1A a 55 mph highway? Not in to crowds so Sebastian really isn't an option. Any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Ft Pierce is a decent and pretty consistent break and is a little less crowded than Sebastian Inlet, and there are all kinds of beach breaks between Ft Pierce and Jacksonville. I used to camp at Long Point all the time - it is really close to Sebastian Inlet, but the crowds aren't usually thick north of the park unless its going off, and if it is going off you can walk down the beach and still catch a wave. A1A is 40 to 55, depending on the location.

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    Thanks E-bot! I'll see what I can dig up on that area.

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    the water definitely gets warmer the further south you go... Central Florida region is prob the most consistent.

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    Thanks SI. I guess we may have to just push on a little further than we expected. Is there any places we definitely need to steer clear of being as it's getting ready to be spring break for a lot of colleges?

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    New Smyrna is probably nthe most consistant break on the east coast with the most crowed line up. On a full moon it will be ridable when the other areas are flat. If you choose to surf there go to the park before sunrise and walk in early before they open the beach approach to vehicles and you can beat a lot of the crowd. Bethune Beach also New Smyrna South, Playlinda ,Titusville the Cape area watch your belongings.Go to Surfline and research the surf spots for more info