I've been doing my research and have been there twice. Once all the way from Tamirindo to Playa Matapolo across the bay from Pavones, but I don't feel like two weeks was enough time to really get a feel for the central coast even though we stopped in Dominical for a few days. The other trip I went and stayed in Playa Langosta, just outside of Tamirindo and surfed that area from Avellenes to Playa Grande. I'm going on a trip there the first week in august and from what i've read the central and south coasts are the places to go that time of year due to the south swells. Any off the beaten path places anyone's been to? Should I think about revisiting the Dominical area? I really loved it there. What are some of the other spots right around there? P.S.......Trying to stay away from Hermosa.