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I wonder if there will be some innovations like at Wikiki beach where thousands of newbies want to learn surf but get exhausted in the paddle out/paddling in? Sort of like a ski lift for out of shape or wannabe surfers)? After all, that is usually the hardest part of surfing for beginners anyway (paddle endurance). Just thinking up some crazy stuff here.
god, i hope not!! what w/ the way wetsuits are going, being able to paddle out thru the surf in the only thing that's really separating the committed from the uncommitted. when suits were less flexible & not as warm, that kept a lot of folks away from winter surfing b/c they didn't want to freeze their @$$es off & get major armpit chafing in the deal. the addition of a chairlift type device at some spots would just be the last nail in the coffin.

i can't imagine sharing today w/ a ton of clueless dorks. for a reason that is lost on me, my school was closed today. so i got to surf all morning completely solo...there wasn't even anyone on the beach! it was so nice & peaceful...