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    Forecast Question

    Why are the forecasts different for the same area?, When I scroll down to the DEEP WATER WAVES Map, and click on a red dot on the map for a certain beach, I get a some what different forecast? The forecasts are similar, but not quite the same.

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    my guess is that you are looking at a forecast location that has multiple beach facing directions. For example: Ocean City, NJ:

    Ocean City has forecasts for SE facing beaches, and SSE facing beaches. The default forecast location is SE, and this is what will show up on the wave maps when you click the red dot.

    This may differ from the forecast for the SSE beaches.

    This is my guess of what you are seeing, but please let me know.

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    Another question for ya, what is your resource for wind direction and speed?

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    You are correct! I missed that S. I like your random selection of possible beaches.
    I really appreciate it!