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    ill vouch for dirtythirty, he surfed tuesday and wednesday. and wednesday morning was so much fun, better than tuesday imo. "legit swell...thins it out" my man, who might you be referring to? i feel like most of the people on this web site are the people you will see out there when it gets big. why we gotta get upset over ppl sharing where they surfed? it is no big 'secret' that 'midtown' gets good on most swells. only people surfing this time of year are people living nearby/salisbury students. Not like we have 1000 beginners flocking to 'midtown'. sheesh, all people gotta do is check the cam haha ya 'secret spot' wooooooooooo

    I surfed 'north side of the jetty' with 5-10 other people most of the day.

    and what's the difference between saying 'midtown' and 54-30? damn

    just wish we could all get along.
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