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    Talking Firewire surfboards



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    snapped mine after a year. Nice board though... too expensive...

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    broke mine too

    same thing -- the board snapped after less than one year. big wave did it (2x overhead) but i still felt a regular board would not have broken. i would avoid them.

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    i've had one as well. not a bad board. didnt really like the shape for our waves.

    honestly there are better boards out there shaped domestically. ie COIL surfboards. not to mentions lots of shapers are shaping epoxy if you wanted the strength.

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    they have these new rapid fire models where the deck is made out of bamboo .. they say it is only a little stronger then a regular PU board but it is there newest and cheapest board out. did any one hear anything about it?

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    depends on model. Flexfire, the most popular model is super high performance, but the waves only get good enough around here a few times a year for the board to excel. Friend has a taj model, don't know why he got it, and he always struggles on it due to the fact that it wasn't made for our waves. the dominator looks sweet.

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    My friend has a Firewire long board (I think 9'2"). I rode it and after getting used to it - it was super responsive and fast - turned like a short board. I usually ride a log so take that into consideration. The cons are it is super susceptible to damage. Its always getting repaired. Sometimes after a session theres a crack or ding that can't be explained (maybe from a elbow ?). It just seems real fragile but a blast to ride. Also - It needs stomach high or better conditions to shine.

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    Speak to DaMook regarding these boards. He doesn't ride them exclusively, but he does have several.

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    A friend has a Dominator and it rides good. I have tried it and liked it, but the rails seem full to me by the feel of them to the hand, not so much by how it felt while riding. Also the tail seems really thick, but again when I was riding, it felt fine. I was considering getting one after my session on it but the $$ and the overal chunkiness of it changed my mind. The buddy who owns it does great on it and it catches every wave with ease.

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    Snapped my flexfire in half in hurricane bill this year up in AC. Had it for about two years. Really liked it up to that point. Although when i first got it, it took a while to get used to riding after riding PU boards for years.

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