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    Want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane just for fun? The weather is getting warm which means the skydiving facilites start to reopen. I want to help you with your first jump and hopefully to get you to skydive regularly. If you want to jump, write back on the forum and I will help arrange your jump. I am an experence jumper and have jumped at a few places locally (NE) and can point you in the right direction. "100% pure adrenaline, some people snort for it, some people grab a vein for it, all you got to do is jump" Point Break

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    how many dollors a sec are you spending from when you jump untill you land

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    Do you have to jump with someone the first time?

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    I've jumped twice. Crosskeys in Berlin NJ, very experienced staff and cool crowd to chill with for the day it was about $200 for the jump, I think prices have risen these days. Defintily an awesome experience, well worth it. If you have the funds it may be worth making it a new "hobby" if you will. Also, unlike in Point Break, you cant have a full blown convo while in free-fall at 130mph, all you hear is the wind in your ears.

    Jump on!

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    To answer your sarcastic question stayedstoked, its about 5 bucks a minute . Second, you can jump with someone the first time but you dont HAVE to. In order to jump solo you need to enroll the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) course that requires you to take a 4-6 hour canopy/safety course. Then you do your solo jump with an instructor holding on but NOT tandem. Skydiving is quite an expensive sport, 200 per tandem, 1600 for the 10 jumps to be able have a license. After that is only 20-25 a jump. Its expensive but when u consider that 2 merricks cost about 1500, I'd personally rather FLY.

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    I'd rather fly off the lip of a wave when I bust a fat air! WHAPAAAAAA!

    jk, cool. $5/minute? that seems pretty cheap!

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    jumpin out of an airplane is possibly one of the best things ive ever done in my life... highly recommend... adrenaline rush seems to last all day, sucks its so pricey tho