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    Quote Originally Posted by rgnsup View Post
    Pics or you are all liars!
    You guys HAVE to read this. This guy wrote a few paragraphs about the surf spot that I am speaking of. His words are 100% what I have always told people about this place. Just read this article, and it indicates how severe things get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    You guys HAVE to read this. This guy wrote a few paragraphs about the surf spot that I am speaking of. His words are 100% what I have always told people about this place. Just read this article, and it indicates how severe things get there.
    Sandra's tequila in Rosarita is very good

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    wake waves from a boat on the chesapeake

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    Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. Beautiful black sand beach. Clean water range 3ft to 12 ft. plus. Barrels. broken boards. When it got too big we went to Boca Baranca a 1/4 mile left point break. Very cool place. When you finish a ride you cant even see where you took off. Caymen sitting in the river mouth. Banditos eyeballing our car but we had a guy with a 2 ft machetti guarding it. Everyone is beautiful down there.
    Northern Red Triangle. Salmon Creek, Bodega Bay, Goat Rock. Sonoma County, Cali. Big, cold water, no easy paddle, dangerous because of the great whites and underwater earthquakes creating sneaker waves. Dense fog, major rips. But when its clean ...Wow! I had a sea lion bark at me once in the lineup at Bodega and I figured hes telling me its time to get out because its dinner time for the sharks. someone got nibbled on the very next day. This region changed the way I look at surfing and made everyplace else alot easier.
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    Bridges, PR where the waves break right in front of rip rap all along the shore and the local meat packing plant was dumping cattle parts in the water attracting the men in gray suits. . . but that was in 1968.

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    1. playa hermosa, costa rica. this was my first experience w/ a beach break outside of the us east coast. haven't been back to this part of costa since this trip in 2002, but it was very eye opening...took off on a low tide, head high dredger & thought i was going to die! as i hit the bottom & made my turn, the wave sucked out below sea level & the thing turned black as it sucked sand off the bottom. pulled into the barrel & got a great ride, but it hurt so bad when it clam shelled on me!

    2. p-land, morro negrito, panama. outer island slabbing reef break. some well-traveled folks have compared it to teahupoo in the way it breaks. to date, this is the only place i have ever broken a board. it only works on a lower tide, & you have to take off more or less directly over the boil (aka: dry reef at dead low) to get into the wave on time. you also want to get WAY out of the wave when it's time. if not, the following may happen: i got into the wave ok, made my bottom turn & set up for what i THOUGHT was going to be a nice barrel. got myself slotted in & noticed that the lip waaayyy out ahead of my was starting to feather. i tried to punch thru the back of the wave, but it was too thick. i got sucked back over the falls & rolled thru the bone yard on the inside & almost washed against the cliff (yea, didn't mention that, did i? this whole set up is in front of a cliff. the "p" in p-land, i later found out, stands for "peligroso" which is spanish for dangerous). came up to find only the back part of my board still attached to me. that was a fun paddle back to the boat...bleeding from the head, back, legs, etc...dodging rocks & set waves on what had suddenly become a cooler lid. no back up pintail on that trip meant i was restricted to the more user-friendly spots for the rest for the trip.

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    i surfed the bay near inlet during bill

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    I'm not too experienced of a world traveler... only "crazy" spot to me was Steamer Lane where you gotta jump off the cliff to get in the water. To be honest, I was FUccKING nervous as hell.

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    los caracas -outside caracas ,venezuela. real fun rock bottom right point off the jetty with crystal clear shoulder high sets peeling in....all you could see down the line were rocks..

    ...cant forget endless drews left with that weird groin that sucks water in,and the night seshs at ceasers pier
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectsilence3 View Post
    craziest place/time?

    me n 2 buddies took a trip to costa, rented a car and explored the coast for 2 months... one time we found a sick river mouth w a nice rock reef no1 around light offshore and about head high. but about an hr or so into the sesh, a guy walks out of the brush onto the beach stands there for a few mins then starts waving wildly at us screamin something we couldnt hear... my buddies start freakin, i figured it was nothin and the guy was jsut tryin to kick us out, so obviously, need at least one more wave... then my one buddy swears he sees something in the water pretty close by, hes freakin, i tell him its prolly nothin prolly jsut some fish jumpin... then i see a big movement, by the rocks, its a big shape, but i dont know what it is... we get out fast, guy runs up to us, says that he saw at least 2 huge cayman gators swim out of the river into the ocean right near where we were at...
    lesson learned: sometimes maybe theres a good reason people yell at u to get out of the water
    Costa Rican river mouths are known for crocks and sharks especially remote areas. I surfed Playa Langosta river mouth and sighted several sharks within arms reach of me. I'll hand it you guys... you have balls surfing there...

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