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    Puerto Rico - best surfing trip I have ever been to

    Sup guys, well I tried looking for a travel section within the forums but I could not find one, anyways, I just came back from Puerto Rico on my first surfing trip there ( been to Costa and a bunch of other central and south american countries but never to the Caribbean) and I am sitting at my computer crying inside thinking of all the empty beaches with swell I surfed this past week while my wife is looking at me funny.

    Anyways, for my first time in PR, I wanted to have someone show me around instead of doing the whole tourist thing and going at it blind. Also my wife was going with me so I needed a place that would cater to her too (she doesnt surf much). A buddy of mine goes to PR like two to three times a year and always books the same guy to move him around so I figured id do the same and trust his judgement, and I can safely say this guy is the best there is.

    I could sit here and write a whole lives story on my 5 days there but I am not going to bore you with a bunch of crap. I will though talk about the surfing. Puerto Rico has some of the best waves I have ever surfed, and that is an understatement. The water is clear, the women are super hot (wife caught me looking a few times lol) and the waves rival any place you could go. I am exhausted from the trip so I am not even thinking straight but I will give my guy a little marketing here (cause he deserves it). His name is Alejandro and he runs a Private Surf Tours company. Not only is he professional, the guy is a trip and makes you feel like you have known him forever while you are there. Takes you to all the beaches you want to go thru the whole island it does not matter, he drives you everywhere (and people in PR drive like crazy just a fyi) so I was glad he was doing the driving. Also for the wife he took us to all kinds of places around the Island so she could have her whole nature thing going too and that kept her happy.

    All in all I cant say enough about my experience there. I can tell you it would have never been the same if I had gone it alone, I was glad I had a local with a lot of knowledge with me. The food is exceptional, the Island is awesome, the waves are to die for and the whole experience was unforgetable. My wife already wants to go back and so do I, we will be booking it up with Alex next time around also, there are so many beaches I could not go to in 5 days I was left wanting way more but alas work calls and it will have to wait.

    So sorry for my long post just though Id mention if you want to surf Puerto Rico and have never been there before check it out the place is awesome. You can also book your tours with him on his website

    Gnight guys, im off to bed cause I sure as hell need my rest lol

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