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    Great White at B buoy?

    I just got confirmation from Joe at Lewes Harbour Marina that a 200+ lb. great white was caught and killed at B Buoy just off the mouth of the Delaware Bay! Hope mama isnt looking for him anywhere!

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    if were lucky that is mama

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    why was it killed? long fight and couldn't be re-cooped or did they gaff it without a positive I.D. ?

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    Supposedly the guy mistook it for a mako!? I don't know how, but he is facing a federal fine of 10-15,000 dollars for killing a protected species.

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    kill them all! species have gone extinct and faded out long before humans were around and life still goes on doesn't it?

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    i'll pass, everything was fine untill we started messin with everything..... shark fishing is all good, it's fun,C&R or to catch and keep them. but seriously... you catch a shark, don't positivly id it, and kill it, use some common sense.. they reproduce extremely slow because they are the top of the food chain... in the water.... what would be the point of just... killing an endagerd species?