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Thread: wesuit question

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    wesuit question

    hey any guys surfing on long island...with a 4.3 suit 5 mil hood and 3 mil boots and gloves when do u think ill be able to hit the water again...thanks

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    It could be done but you feet and hands wont last long

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    5 mil hood?? seems pretty thick, thought you could only get those on diving suits. Your neck might get pretty sore from wearing that. With 3 mil boots and gloves you could go in now on a warmer day and be alright for maybe an hour, depends on your cold tolerance. By mid to late april you should be pretty comfortable in all of that.

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    When the water temps at the buoy hit 48.

    Watch the Islip buoy water temps. Going in water below 48 will be painful. I surfed with a longboarder last weekend who wore 3mm boots and he didn't last half an hour.
    Mid/Late April sounds about right.