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Thread: witches rock

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    Question witches rock

    gota do a quick papper on the time i went but i was wondering if any one knows the history about this mystical beautifully remote surf spot .... any info at all would help inclucing how it go its name !!

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    Witches Rock got it’s name from the local fishers. When the winds blow offshore15 to 25 mph, the rock makes a sound like a Banshee.

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    what where did you hear that?

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    Aguaholic is right.

    Our boat driver/surf guide basically told me the same story last summer. It has/had to do with winds blowing through the rock. He said that the rock used to have caves at the base where the wind and waves would go through and cause the howling. An earthquake in the 80s or 90s caused a slight collapse to the rock which closed the holes at the base and it doesn't howl like it used to.

    Another reason for the name is because there is nothing growing on the rock. When you leave Playa Del Coco all the rocks there have some plant life on them. Witches has none. There might be some story to it as well but I don't remember him telling us that one.

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    wow sketchy... i just thought bc its a crazy looking rock with weird faces on it that they gave its name

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    yeah, I was literally just there last week and the sound from the wind is definitely true, I was talking to the locals about it. I've tried to do some personal research on the history of it, but had a hard time finding anything, don't forget you could talk about the battle that took place in Santa Rosa...and waves knock pieces of the rock off and they wash up to shore, I can't remember how to post pictures on here, but I have a pic of the rock I found and it has a perfect circle cut into it, my friend found one with a fossil inside it. Good Luck, definitely a cool topic for a paper! Pura Vida!

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