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    5'4 fishcuit/biscuit,5'10 ksmall,5'11 aviso,oneill wetsuits,snowboard in NJ

    5'4 custom fishcuit- was done by a guy from greenlight...done with resin'x (love the stuff, great flex, tuff, ecofriendly worth the extra money) future fins. its been ridden. fin box was ripped out and repaired..$225 takes it.
    5'4 merrick biscuit- ridden about a dozen times... in great shape painted the bottom, looks like an orange and red resin tint... fcs - $340 takes it
    5'10 merrick k small- had it done custom thinned out nicely. fast board, diamond tail fcs- $330 takes it
    5'11 aviso surf prescriton doc- hp shortboard, full carbon fiber. will last you forever... fast hp shorboard and durable. intresting flex pattern. retail for 1200 futures... selling for $535 \\
    oneill wetsuits- all size meduim... psycho 2 3/2 and 4/3- $130 for the 3/2 the 4/3 was used 3 times- $320... mutant 5/4/3- used one season- $180
    also have a snowboard. libtech skate banana 152 2009- $300

    give me a call or text 732 779 0827

    also have 2 sets of future fyu's and fcs hobgoods.

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    looks like you need some money

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    haha school/ not working much is taking its tole...also have surgery in may so 2 months not working... 13-15 boards is getting to be a little much

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    im interested in the 5'4 biscuit. any pictures?

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    fishcut sounds cool got any pictures ?

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    goods fins

    I will take the goods fins