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    Northern Nicaragua Surf Trip

    Hey there,

    I spent last summer living in Nicaragua for two months and had the time of my life experiencing the culture and surfing every single day. This coming summer I am going to be graduating college and am looking forward to planning another trip but instead to Northern Nicaragua sometime in May (prob for two weeks). Anyway I have just started researching up on it a little and here is what I've got so far:

    What I Am Looking For:
    -Cheap accommodations (As I mentioned I will be graduating and have limited funds
    -Close to multiple surf breaks (most consistent surf areas)

    I will not be renting a car so if I could get a private transportation service to take me there does anyone know a good one?

    I have checked out joe's place and Hotel Chancletas. I have also looked at Surf Tours Nicaragua but it seems a little too expensive for what I am trying to do. I figure with airfare and board bag fee's (roundtrip), accomodations, transportation and food I want to spend a total of- approx $680

    Airfare and fee's- $340
    Transport (4 ppl traveling)- $30 per person approx.
    Accomodations and food- $300

    So let me know what you all know... Where is the best place to stay, do you know any other places than the ones listed above? Advice or comments?

    Thanks for the input!

    -Tyler D.

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    over 60 views and no input? Haha, comon people! What do you think? Ever been to northern Nica?

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    I'm the one who wrote the august trip to costa thread on the central america forum page. I decided to switch my plans for Nicaragua and i've done a whole bunch of research and I've looked all over the country. Dude, if you think you're gonna stay there for 2 weeks on $680 dollars, I think maybe Puerto Rico would be a better bet. You'd be hard pressed to end up spending $680 for one week in Nica. I dunno, maybe you can find some bungalos for 15 dollars a night but even then your already spending over 200 on just your place. For some reason......... I bet you spend more than $90 on food and drinks..even if you don't drink. I think for two weeks you'd be lookin at more like $1000-$1400....I hope you prove me wrong though.....If you do let me in on what you did though.

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    I've done my research and wrote up a budget. I'll be spending $750 for 10 days all inclusive. See you in the line up-


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    North Nica

    Check out for an all inclusive tour in North Nica.

    also, if you dont want all inclusive......

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    Just saying...there are places to stay in Nicaragua that arent surf camps but are local posadas/hospedajes....These arent run buy gueros and are usually 20% of the price of the "surf camps." These are the places I stayed in when I was there (granted it was 8 years ago) but I know they still exist cause friends have had similar experiences lately. Personally, I think it is border line ridiculous to book ahead of time with a surf charter unless you are with a family or have never traveled. Get some sac, spend your cash in the local community, and enjoy yourself. I have traveled all over the world and the best option is always just to show up. You will even find that many of the surf camps are cheaper if you just roll up...also speaking some Spanish helps too......paz y buenas suerte

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    I stayed at Joe's- 5-10 min away on a (free) bicycle. You spend less than half the money on room and food so can stay twice as long. The food is better for sure. And it's right next to the boat for surfing the point and fishing. Best of all, you're not sitting on your ass staring at a bunch of primadonnas watching themselves surf on video on their laptops. Here you meet the real locals and practice your Spanish.Highly recommended.

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    Imagine a surf trip where you have the “local knowledge” that will allow you to surf top-quality, uncrowded waves each day of your adventure. Surf Tours Nicaragua gets you access to Nicaragua surf that would be all-but impossible to find on your own, not to mention a huge hassle.........<br /><br /><br />____________________<br /><br /><br />
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    If you book a bed at chancletas it is affordable. The food is good. Staff is warm and friendly and the surf out front is sick. Just plan your trip with the high tides in the morning for the more or less guarantee of off shore winds. Only set back is on shore wind mid day (usually). That's one of the benefits for being in the "popoyo" region.


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