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    Long Beach Jet Ski Tow In Sunday

    Anybody else see this? It was in the east end. Absolutely incredible surfing, There were two photographers. Anybody know where to see some pics?

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    Thumbs down

    laaaaaame....towing into head high at best

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    Agree. Lame. Silly, even.

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    The surfing looked promising. The towing looked stupid.

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    thanks for sharing the video....but it does no justice to the surfing that morning

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    your all haters they where killing it and getting good waves and staying in one spot the whole time while you where floating down the beach. appreciate the fact there going for new and different ways to surf waves and charging...........sorry there not laird and buzz
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    yea he deff had the ski to not drift 100 mph lol,the guy deff didnt need a ski to drop in those is a pic its ****ty bc i was really far away and it was ****ty out,but there were some biggg sets coming in thats for sure

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    No one is hating

    I agree, jet skis have their place in surfing, but those places are Hawaii and Tahiti. Long Beach, Long Island? No thanks. No one wants jet skis at their break unless their break is a half mile off shore. The noise and the pollution only benefits 2 people. Long Island already has enough of both.