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  1. wait so long beach is your spot??? your a clown who most likey has a bad backhand, meanwhile the guys with the skis where killing it.....i would of loved to see you tell sam hammer to get out of the water for towing in.hah

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    Although I agree that its cool they are trying to push the limits, I just don't think it belongs in Long Beach, and this day was way bigger then just head high . Buoy maxed at 28.5 @ 14s 3 hours before sunrise..saw some DOH sets easily in the am.

    We have so many outer bars that can handle the swell so much better that are miles out, and although I know the wind was wrong for most of them, I know of a few withiin a few miles of LB that i KNOW where working. We don't need the pollution so close to shore, it's going to ruin whatever is left of our ecosystem.

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    don't think it goes in the home town.... good to try I guess, and those days are rare....

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    Thumbs up Hi there looby dubby!

    Wow thats really interesting. Thnx for sharing!