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Thread: Carolina Beach

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    Carolina Beach

    hey guys i was wondering if anyone got any pictures on Saturday and Sunday 3-13 and 3-14 at carolina beach. I hope everyone had fun and got some good waves

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    I surfed Carolina Beach Saturday- one spot in the morning and another in the early afternoon. I did see one photographer at the first spot who was there for quite a while, but I don't know who it was. Fun surf by the way....

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    I think robbie johnson might have snapped some but I'm not sure. Don't quote me on it

    there was some fun surf this evening with a handful of people. I saw a camera on the beach so maybe we'll see some shots
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    man i know i saw a few out there sat. I was out from 6am-12pm and it was sick. really really fun. If only we could get that everyday..hahaha. There was a guy standing right beside the dredge pipes at pelican and he was there for a while so maybe well get some

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    I know that Chris from local sessions and one other guy were at the Tiki bar around 9am.

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    the guy i saw was shooting at BIP