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    De State Park Fees in Effect

    Just a reminder to everyone that the Delaware State Park fees went into effect on March 1. The parking sticker is the same price as last year, $27.00 for in state residence.
    The rangers are usually pretty cool about enforcing it at this time of year, but better to be safe than get a parking ticket.

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    how much is the ticket? the out of state cost is a lot higher. No problems yesterday but I was at IRI pretty early.

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    near da beach
    Beaches should be free

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    The out of state pass is $54 (+$3 shipping/handling if you do it by mail).

    Seven visits and it's paid for.

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    the beaches are FREE. The parking costs money anyone can go onto the beach unlike some jersey beaches

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    I have always had a year pass & daily fees don't come into play, but they should have discounted daily fees for this time of the year. If you pay the same price as you do in the summer you get short changed on the services they say are included with the fees in some areas. The areas that have showers, bathrooms & concessions cost the same all year, but those services that are paid for are only offered 1/2 the season.