I have been interested in trying to glass my own longboard fin for a while and I thought I'd ask the people on the forum if they had any suggestions. First of all, If i shaped the fin out of wood, say 9 inches, what kind of resin/poly would use to coat it. Can I use bartop or do i need a specific type of resin? If i wanted to sape a fin for a 7'4 retro egg what styles do you guys suggest? I'd be looking for a shape and size that would allow for a looser/slidier type ride, like a wakeskate with no fins. any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks

also if i figured out what type of chemical with which to coat the film, could i take say an old magazine photo or a cutout of a map and wrap it around the fin before coating so it could show through as a graphic? double thanks to all watermen and women.